Who We Are
Ucom Technologies has been established in 2005, with an aim to provide quality and cost , effective Products in the field of wireless and networks technology. Ucom Technologies is one of the leading supplier of wireless antenna, bridges, cables and networking products.Ucom is the only distributor of antenna manufacturer Kenbotong and outdoor cable, wireless bridges and RF accessories manufacturer Shireen Inc.

Dell Power Connect 5224 Switch

CISCO Catalyst 3500 Series

CISCO Router 2600 Series

Power Station (PS-5 EXT)


Air Live WHA-5500-CPE

Octopus 5826

KBT 30 dBi Grid Antenna

KBT 29 dBi Dual Pol Dish

KBT 3x3 MIMO Antanna

KBT 27 dBi Grid Antenna

Grid LBW (ANT-2400D24A)

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